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Ranking into the top 20 of Most Promising Augmented Reality Technology in CIO Review, Zeality is an end-to-end Mobile VR platform for Sports Entertainment and Media.

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An Immersive VR Solution for Sports Entertainment.

To strengthen the digital presence of the Zeality mobile platform, Bricklight designed and developed a modern and minimalist website to provide a voice for the company behind the product, providing information about the app, and creating an avenue for potential partners to start a dialogue.

To showcase this spearheading technology, Bricklight Designed the Site to speak to a Tech Focused Audience and elevate the Zeality Brand.

Connecting Zeality to Customers & Partners.

Zeality's web platform is tailored to connect to current users, stakeholders, partners, and potential audiences. Showcasing a modern, modular composition, the Zeality site works together with the product to provide a complete cross-platform experience.

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