We're a tight-knit group of passionate creatives driven by unique craft & design.

Christopher Lafayette

Owner | Marketing & Advertising

Chris is a marketer with a well-known and highly successful track record. With years of experience in the tech industry. He's been a driver of six and seven-figure budgeted campaigns and has executed and managed business development for thousands of initiatives and projects. In addition, he's also an expert in lab-to-market drives.

Jamie Burke - Guidry

Graphic Designer | Illustration

Jamie is a graphic designer and illustrator with a background in entertainment media and abstract illustration. From ad agency positions to freelance work, she's garnered experience over the years working with a number of clients including notable brands such as: Netflix, Hot Topic, NBC, and Hallmark.


Graphic Designer | Product Development

Madison is a graphic designer and product developer who specializes in brand development, story-telling, and design media across a wide variety of platforms. She's worked with a number of businesses over the years helping companies heighten their brand presence in their respective industries.

_ Brand Positioning & Development
_ Content Strategy
_ User Interaction & Experience Design
_ Marketing & Advertising Consulting
_ Cross Platform Design

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