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For Immersive Directory, our team designed and developed a comprehensive database with the goal of providing an archive for Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality related companies and organizations.

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Comprehensive Archive for the Immersive Industry

The Immersive Directory was built to be a one-stop-showcase for all companies, groups, and organizations within the immersive tech field. Here, companies are able to post their own listings, locations, and what facet of immersive tech they specialize in.

This platform provides instant access for immersive tech companies to their audience through a comprehensive location-based database. The team at Bricklight built an easy-to-use, user friendly platform where all users are able to successfully achieve their product goals.

It's our goal at bricklight to create streamlined products for an easy-to-use user experience for clients & their prospective audiences.

Not Just an Industry Archive, but a Total Immersive Resource.

The Immersive Directory not only acts as a company-centric database, but a job posting forum, blog, and event posting platform. It was our goal at Bricklight to make all of these capabilities function cohesively in a streamlined, easy to use system.

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