Da-Sebra Vintage

Web Design & Web Development | Consulting

Highlighting Da-Sebra Vintage's stunning couture collection, Bricklight designed and developed a web platform where the brand could both showcase and sell products to a growing online audience.

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Showcasing the historic beauty of Da-Sebra Vintage.

Combining stunning photography with a minimalist designed web platform, the Da-Sebra site is able to focus audiences on the products themselves and highlighting the vintage brand style.

Coupled with Da-Sebra's stunning catalogue, Bricklight developed an online stage that focuses on the quality and attention to detail that Da-Sebra puts into their clothing lines.

Providing Customers with Instant Access to New Products.

With the ever growing market of the e-commerce audience, one of the main goals of this project was to develop an online shop to where Da-Sebra could directly sell to their budding online audience.

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